Development Consulting

Motionzen Services is a Unix/Linux based software development, consulting and corporate Training solution firm and our major activities is to provide Highly skille Corporaet Taining in Linux Device Driver, Linux Kernel Internals & Programming and Embedded Linux. In other hand developing linux application, driver module in various sector as well as HR consulting in Linux development for top companies.


HR Consulting

Our missoin is to train and tune the working professional/employee's skill based on the industrial needs and to enhancing the business growth of our customers with creative Design and Development to deliver high-quality solutions that create value and reliable competitive advantage for our clients around the world. We always focusing on to improve the quality of our service by exploring innovative ideas.


We provide services, linux based application development, to assist IT customers seeking additional development help with linux based applications, driver development, file system and kernel customization, bugs fixing and reengineering. Here we have list down our major development consulting services

  • New/Existing Linux based application development
  • Linux Device Driver Development
  • Linux Kernel, file system customization
  • Bugs fixing, Re-Engineering
  • Customized Corporate Training for Linux Development Team
  • Linux Kernel Debugging Activities

The Human Resource consulting services what we are offering is only based on Linux Development, which may be linux application development, linux device driver development, linux kernel programming development, embedded linux, we are specialized in linux areas

We have more highly skilled working professional's profiles whose experience range are from minimum 2 years to 18+ years and they have trained well by motionzen services based on industrial requirements and their past or current working project, the immediate resources are from

  • Linux Application Developer
  • Linux Device Driver Developer
  • Linux Kernel Programming Developer
  • Embedded Linux Developer